Female Archetypes: Damsels in Distress from Helen of Troy to Fleabag

For many, many, many (too many) centuries, women were not in charge of building narratives that would fairly represent them. So, men being men, us of the feminine persuasion were generally categorized as either unrepentant whores or absolute bloody saints. Granted, somewhere in the spectrum of side characters, we were also painted as “too fragile for this world,”; which normally resulted in us being either suicidal dopes or lunatic sorceresses. Continue reading Female Archetypes: Damsels in Distress from Helen of Troy to Fleabag

Auto-correct for the Soul

In a society that glorifies busyness and rebrands routine as rut, we can often find ourselves trying to shake things up, always looking for ways to achieve a higher level of success, coolness, ultimate triumph. While we can debate what true realization might look like in earnest, this drive to chase ever-changing success stories and … Continue reading Auto-correct for the Soul

On Value

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on what we think has value – objects, people, ideas. And the only truth I can come up with, is that in every instance, the value of something is subjective. Allow me to explain. In most cases, the value we perceive, is the same value other people have given to something, … Continue reading On Value

Know Thyself

This is a trap. The kind of trap you can’t get out of. I know, it’s annoying – but if it makes you feel at all better, you put yourself in it. And yes, please, worry. You have been an active participant of every choice you’ve ever made. Don’t try to blame someone else. Those … Continue reading Know Thyself